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3 tips to get rid of Dry Hands from Washing

3 tips to get rid of Dry Hands from Washing

If the pandemic taught us anything it was the importance of washing our hands. All. The. Time. Did ‘Happy Birthday’ become your new theme song in 2020? Hopefully, we’ve all received the message, but if our skin could talk, it would say, “enough already!”

Frequent hand washing isn’t going away (what were we doing pre-2020?) but we can find better ways to manage dry, chapped skin from all that washing. That’s where arbOUR’s specially formulated hand soap comes in. Our conditioning hand soap is mild and allergen-free, so it’s kind to your skin. We use commercial-grade natural ingredients that are completely non-toxic and sustainably sourced, with plant-derived fragrances. We offer an unscented option for all of our products, too.

With all that, can it still kill germs? We’re proud to say that our products kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria, including the virus that causes COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) staphylococcus, E. coli, Listeria, and Salmonella.

Why Is Hand Washing So Important?

The pandemic has put the importance of hand washing front and center in our general consciousness. As the CDC points out, keeping hands clean is one of the most important steps to control disease worldwide by preventing illnesses and the spread of infections to others. We have endless opportunities every day to come into contact with germs through touching objects, handling raw meat, or coming into contact with germs from coughing or sneezing onto objects, to name a few. Ick.


We also frequently touch our eyes, nose, and mouth without even realizing it, creating the perfect vehicles to transmit germs to our bodies. Hand washing can reduce the number of people who contract colds, flu, and other illnesses. It also protects young children effectively in schools and other settings.

Frequent hand washing is essential to our health and well-being despite the downside of our hands becoming dry and chapped. Luckily, we can take a few small steps to prevent dry hands from washing.

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What Causes Dry Hands?

The natural oils and wax on our outermost layer of skin create a barrier to shield the skin, allowing it to retain moisture. When soap removes dirt and grime from the skin, it also strips away the natural oils that protect it. Itching, flaking, and redness ensue, along with dry cracks that further allow bacteria into our skin.

Some of the common causes for dry skin are:

  • Over-washing:  Suds can break down our skin’s barrier and deprive it of moisture, leaving the skin prone to chapping and cracking.
  • Hot water: Like over-washing, hot water can strip your hands of moisture.
  • Harsh detergents: Many bar soaps are heavily scented and often contain sodium lauryl sulfate or antibacterial agents that can irritate and dry skin.
  • Hand sanitizers: An overabundance of alcohol found is hand sanitizers can cause chapping.
  • Using too much soap: Too much soap creates excessive lathering, washing away the skin’s natural oils.

Tip #1: Use a gentle hand soap

Many soaps are harsh and strip your skin of its natural moisture. A moisturizing soap is the key to prevent dry, chapped skin. arbOUR’s conditioning hand soap’s advanced technology uses a plant-based surfactant instead of the synthetic surfactant in many other soaps, treating your hands with kindness and leaving them both clean AND smooth after washing.

Tip #2: Wash your hands in lukewarm water

Washing in hot water gets your hands clean, but it also washes away the healthy oils on the surface of your skin causing dryness. Cold water does not, but it’s not as pleasant as warm water, and may cause you to cut down on the prescribed twenty-second rule. Stick to lukewarm water and enjoy the process. Your hands will be clean and you’ll be happy.

Tip #3: Use hand cream on slightly damp hands after washing

Most dermatologists recommend immediately applying a moisturizer post-wash while your hands are still slightly damp to lock in moisture. Choose a cream rather than a lotion for the most effectiveness. If your hands are particularly sensitive, look for fragrance and dye-free products.

Pat your hands with a clean paper towel, leaving some moisture on your skin, and immediately rub in a pea-size amount of hand cream. Skip the everyone-uses-the-same hand towels and be sure to keep a supply of paper towels at the ready. You can even use washable paper towels like these UNpaper towels if you don’t like the idea of one-use paper towels; just be sure to wash them between uses.


We’re proud that arbOUR’s advanced technology makes our hand soap safe and effective for children, teachers, and nurses along with everyone else. It’s a no-brainer to have a bottle handy (pun intended) next to every sink in your house knowing that your family can frequently practice healthy hand washing habits without excessive drying.

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