Our Best Deep Cleaning Checklist

Our Best Deep Cleaning Checklist

Our Best Deep Cleaning Checklist

A house is much more than four walls. It’s a place of refuge, safety, and calm. Keeping your home clean and serene brings more joy and less stress into your life. There’s just one small problem – deep cleaning your entire home can feel incredibly overwhelming.

We’re here to help! Cue: our best deep cleaning house checklist.

Before we dive into the cleaning checklist, let’s talk about why deep cleaning your home is important.

First things first, cleaning without harsh chemicals not only benefits your home environment, but the planet’s environment, too. Talk about doing our part! arbOUR deep cleaning set, which includes Everyday Spray and Laundry Detergent, gets the job done without harsh chemicals; no hazmat suit required.

Plus, there are a plethora of other benefits to your home (and you):

  • Elimination of potential pests
  • Removal of viruses and harmful bacteria
  • Improved air quality and reduction of allergen
  • Elevated mood

Everyday Spray

Laundry Detergent

Next, we’ll discuss how often you should deep clean.

Ultimately, timing is up to you. You could deep clean your entire house in one sitting every four to six months, or rotate each area of the house every four to six months, with weekly cleaning in between.

That said, we generally recommend twice a year as a reasonable interval. If you have pets and kids, you may need to consider deep cleaning more often. Also, if you keep up with regular weekly cleaning, you may deep cleaning faster than expected.


What do you need to deep clean your home?


Start by storing your cleaning supplies in a bucket. Having a cheerful container leads to inspiration, not dread. Check out this simplistic storage caddy or a minty modern container – a quick Amazon search should do the trick.

Next, order our favorite ArbOUR cleaning products. The must-have deep cleaning essentials include:

  • Everyday Spray
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Dish Dish Soap

Sold out

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You’ll also want to have the following on hand:

Dusting wand
Vacuum cleaner
Mop and bucket
Microfiber cloths
Toilet brush

Finally, before we begin tackling the cleaning checklist, you’ll want to decide on a plan.

Creating a game plan helps us stay in control and remind ourselves there’s a reward in sight. So, pick a strategy, write it down, follow through, and make adjustments once you get into your groove. This will help you fend off that ‘overwhelmed’ feeling.


With all the action in the kitchen, and in turn the daily messes, it’s a good place to begin your deep clean. There is no perfect order to work in, so we suggest starting with a focus on one end of the kitchen. Since the refrigerator tends to be the most time-consuming, start there to feel immediate satisfaction which will in turn spur enthusiasm.

Put on some music, organize your supplies, and get ready to rock this!


Clean and organize the refrigerator and freezer

 Discard or recycle out-of-date items
Clean and dry shelves and bins
Organize remaining items in a logical order

Dust overhead lights
Clean stovetop
Clean inside and outside of oven
Clean pantry shelves

Empty out contents
 Wipe down the shelves
Discard expired items
Return items to the shelves and group logically

▢  Clean and organize dish and glassware shelving

▢  Remove all dish and glassware
▢  Clean the shelves
▢  Replace neatly

▢  Clean and organize drawers

  Remove all contents
  Clean inside drawers
 Replace everything in an organized fashion (pro tip: discard or donate anything you don’t use)
  Wipe down the outside of the drawers

Wipe down small appliances
▢  Clean inside and outside of microwave
▢  Clean and sanitize trash can(s)
▢  Wipe and degrease stove backsplash and walls
▢  Wipe baseboards
▢  Clean and degrease sink
▢  Wipe down cabinet doors and counters
▢  Vacuum or sweep floors
▢  Mop floors


Declutter all surfaces
Instead of keeping medicines, lotions, and makeup on the counters, look for out of sight areas to organize.

Wipe down surfaces
Clean and organize the medicine chest

Remove all contents
 Clean shelves
Discard expired or no longer needed medicines or toiletries
 Replace neatly

Clean and organize drawers

 Remove all contents
 Clean inside drawers
 Replace neatly

Wipe down light switches, towel racks, and fixtures
Clean mirror(s)
Sort through towels and make three piles: Keep, donate, or toss
Wipe down linen closet or shelves, fold all towels in the same way, and replace them on the shelves
Clean and disinfect the toilet
Clean shower and/or bathtub
Wash or replace shower curtain liner and shower curtain
Clean shower head
Wash bathroom rugs and bathmats
Clean windows
Scrub tile grout
Wipe down walls
Wipe down baseboards
Clean inside and outside of trash can(s)
Vacuum or sweep floor
Mop floor


Dust light fixtures
Dust and polish all surfaces (ie. china cabinets, dining table, dining chairs)
Polish silver
Dust china in cabinets
Vacuum curtains or blinds
Dust curtain rods
Dust paintings or wall hangings
Wipe walls
Wipe around light switches
Clean window sills
Wash windows
Mop or vacuum floor
Shampoo rugs or carpet


Dust bookcases or shelves
De-clutter and dust coffee table
Assess decorative items: declutter and donate unwanted objects
Dust and polish furniture
Vacuum sofa and chairs
Wash slipcovers
Wipe down window sills
Clean windows
Clean or vacuum curtains and/or blinds
Dust television and electronics
Shampoo rugs or carpets
Vacuum and mop floors


Declutter and clean closets

 Remove all hanging clothes and anything on the shelves or bottom of the closet
 Make three piles: Keep, donate, or toss
 Vacuum closet floor and dust shelves
Replace clothing you are keeping and organize by type

Declutter and clean dresser drawers

 Remove all clothing
Make three piles: Keep, donate, or toss
 Clean inside drawers
Replace clothing you are keeping and organize by type

Pack all items to be donated in large plastic bags and drop them off at a donation center. Research local organizations, such as the Vietnam Veterans, who will pick up your donations.
Wash all bedding: sheets, dust ruffles, pillows, and duvet covers
Replace pillows that are past their prime
Cover pillows with new pillow protectors
Flip mattresses
Clean under the bed
Dust all surfaces (ie. dressers, desks, bookcases)
Dust blinds
Clean or vacuum curtains
Wipe down window sills
Wash windows
Wipe down baseboards
Shampoo rugs or carpets
Vacuum and mop floors


Clean washing machine (see specific instructions based on manufacturer recommendations)
Clean dryer

Remove the lint filter and vacuum thoroughly with your vacuum’s brush attachment
Wipe down the inside and outside of the dryer

Use a vacuum hose attachment to dust ceilings, crown moldings, and window sills
Dust light fixtures
Wipe down all surfaces, including cabinet shelves and drawers
Refresh your laundry baskets by wiping down plastic baskets or vacuuming the inside and outside of wooden/straw hampers
Empty trash and clean inside and outside of container
Vacuum and mop floors


Clean desk(s)

Empty drawers
Wipe inside drawers
Organize contents and throw away what you don’t need
Wipe down desk accessories, the entire surface of the desk, and the legs from top to bottom
Remove unwanted desk accessories

Clean bookshelves

Working from top to bottom, remove and dust all storage containers, magazines, and books
Wipe down shelves
Sort papers and magazines on the shelves, donating or recycling what you no longer need
If needed, re-organize as you replace items

Dust the computer: Working from top to bottom, use a microfiber cloth to dust the computer screen, keyboard, printer, fax machine, and any other electronics
Wipe down or vacuum all the furnishings, including desk chair, tables, and filing cabinets
Dust light fixtures
Dust the blinds
Remove and launder the curtains
Wipe down window sills
Wash windows
Wipe down baseboards
Shampoo rugs or carpets
Vacuum and mop floors

Our Ultimate Deep Cleaning Checklist is a great stressbuster because it puts you in the driver’s seat. Once you establish a baseline, it’s easy to follow through and keep your home clean and serene throughout the year.

With non-toxic, powerful, and environmentally friendly ArbOUR cleaning products by your side, it’s easy to get the job done. Learn more

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